And a good morrrow to thee!

This just in: writing in blogs is easy. Starting them is hard. Since I set this up and started trying to think about how best to begin it, I’ve wanted to talk about all kinds of things, some of them even related to medieval studies. I’ve thought about how to talk about the Jubilee celebrations, the finale of Game of Thrones, the rainsoaked landscape that is Wales in the ‘summer’, anonymity on the internet, and how to write a CV at different points in your career.

What I have yet to write about is why you, or indeed anyone other than the people who hang out at the pub in the evenings, would care.

So I suppose the way to begin is by introduction. I’m a PhD student in Wales, approaching the final ‘writing up year’ and the job hunt that goes with it, so naturally starting a new project for which I will need to write regulary seemed liked a good idea.

Actually, I started it mostly to be part of the conversation. There are some amazing, intelligent, thoughtful medieval blogs out there, and I like them and therefore wanted one of my own. As the excellent lady known as Another Damned Medievalist began on her own blog some ten years hence–‘There are lots of blogging medievalists, so why not another one?’


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