Link: People of Colour in the Medieval West

I’m not on tumblr, so had missed this post on PoC in medieval Europe.  It’s one of those things that’s so very right in concept and not quite there in execution–there should definitely be more attention paid to non-white populations in medieval Britain, Scandinavia, and western Europe, but the evidence they’re using here is sparse at best, misleading at worst.  This sort of thing pops up a lot in gender history as well–people have the best of intentions, but you end up having to sift through a lot of misread material before you get to the really useful parts.  So in the interest of shedding more light on both the evidence presented in the tumblr post and the state of non-white European history in general, historian Siriaeve has written a quick but thorough response with some good starting points, and been good enough to give me leave to link it here. We both hope you find it useful!


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