CFP Sunday

I put this off for a day in case any more notices were to appear in my inbox, but I’m afraid this won’t be much of a ’roundup’ as I’ve only got one for the week! But at least it’s a good one?

Society for the Study of Medieval Languages and Literatures 2013 Graduate Conference
Dates: 4-5 April, 2013
Deadline: 10 Jan, 2013
Theme: Skill

I will say I went to last year’s, in which the theme was ‘Meat’, and it was pretty amazing. The looseness of the themes in such an interdisciplinary context means you learn so much. I gave a paper on feasting in literature, but got a lead on possible ways to date some material through an archaeologist’s paper on division of sections of meat after a hunt at different times in history, learned about the shapes of cooking pots and what it meant for how people in certain eras ate, and how the early modern English campaign against the Irish used meat and cooking methods in its propaganda. Fascinating stuff; I definitely recommend going along if you can swing it.


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